Karate-Do – An Art, A Science & A Way Of Life

0Karate is an art with a strong scientific basis. It is one of the finest forms of exercise known to mankind. Historically it was meant for self-defense against cruel war lords but in the modern day scenario its relevance is doubly important – self-defense against physical and mental abuse and more importantly defense against the ravages of aging.

The Dojo (practice hall) is like a temple – we exercise our bodies and minds to rid ourselves of our fears, stresses. We realize our strengths and weaknesses and help our partners and ourselves to improve each other. The peace that is experienced after a good work out is an exalted experience. An advanced student experiences the importance of “Mind over matter” through hard work. He also develops, apart from a healthy and fit body, the fine virtues of patience, humility, courage, respect for others and fortitude. He is better equipped to handle and accept the changes the body undergoes with advancing age.

Karate Do is a way of life – to be practiced not only in the dojo but all the time – in all walks of life. Join us in this journey to perfection, good health, peace of mind, self-respect and confidence to face anything that life throws at you.